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Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is the process by which couples divide their assets and debts during the process of separation and divorce.  While this process may seem daunting after years of marriage, I am a Hickory equitable distribution attorney  who can help you sort through your assets and debts and determine what the law of North Carolina would entitle you to receive.

Despite the term "equitable  distribution," each spouse is not necessarily entitled to half of the marital property.  Instead, equitable in this context means "fair," not necessarily "equal."  The Court may consider a number of statutory factors in determining whether one spouse may be entitled to more than half of the marital property.  Further, when one spouse controls most of the marital assets and the other spouse does not have enough resources to sustain him- or herself through the separation period, that spouse can ask the Court to award an "interim distribution."  Please contact me to discuss whether you have a claim for equitable distribution or an interim distribution.