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Child Custody

As difficult as it is to divide property, trying to divide the time and care of children between two households can be the most painful and contentious part of moving forward when a relationship ends.  I am a Hickory child custody lawyer who understands the challenges and dynamics of divorces involving children.

In making child custody determinations, judges in North Carolina must decide what is in the "best interests" of each child.  Judges have a quite a bit of discretion in ordering child custody and visitation arrangements.  Since each child is unique, each case is different.  In order to help address your concerns about the well-being of your children in a custody situation, I will put in the effort to learn about your children and help you decide how to move forward in a constructive manner.  I can help you face decisions about where your children will live (physical custody) and who will make the major decisions about them (legal custody).  Contact me today for a consultation about your child custody case.