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The end of a marriage often creates financial problems for both parties.  Supporting two households is more expensive than supporting just one, and meeting the needs of everyone involved may become difficult.  In North Carolina, the Court may award alimony if one spouse earns significantly more than the other and the lower-income spouse has trouble making ends meet. 

There are a number of factors that the Court may consider when determining whether alimony is appropriate in a specific situation.  Every case is different, and the amount and type of alimony you or your former spouse may be entitled to can vary greatly depending on your unique circumstances.  If alimony has already been awarded in your case, there are also circumstances under which you may ask the court to increase, decrease, or even cancel your alimony payments. 

I am a Hickory alimony attorney who can help you handle your case.  Please contact me to discuss whether you might be entitled to receive alimony, whether you could be ordered to pay alimony, or if you are interested in modifying or cancelling your alimony payments.